Benefits of Massages

5 Benefits of Massages

1. Massages manage stress and allow you to relax.
2. Beneficial to athletes, they reduces any muscle tension.
3. Reduces stress and promote overall wellness for pregnant woman.
4. Massages can relieve anxiety and depression.
5. Massages are just good for overall health.


Winter Hair Care

Winter Hair Care!

The Winter cold months are here, here is some tips on how to take care of your locks!

1. Moisture is great for your hair during the cold months.
Use a Shampoo and Conditioner that is a moisturizer.

2. Hair Masks are great to include in your weekly hair care routine.

3. Heat protecting spray is a great thing to use if you use heated hair appliances on your hair every use.

4. Trims regularly to get rid of dry dead ends.

5. Wash your hair in lukewarm water, avoid using hot water.

6. Dry your hair before you head out the door in the cold. Exposing wet hair to cold temperature may freeze your hair and damage it.

Paraffin Treatments

Paraffin Treatments
Paraffin treatments are an oil based wax to provide pain relief to hands and feet. It soothes joint pain and relaxes stiff muscles. These treatments are good for people with arthritis, bursitis and other chronic conditions that causes pain.
How it works
Paraffin is a deep heat treatment therapy. When you dip your hand or foot into paraffin bath, heat transfers from the wax into affected area as the wax solidies.
It will help
* Dry cracked Skin
* Joint Stiffness
* Bursitis
* Sprains
* Pulled Muscles


Redken City Beats

City Beats are a new vibrant conditioning color cream that redken just came out with. These colors can be used by themselves for a more vibrant color or mixed together with clear for a more pastel color. They can last up to 12 shampoos.



Viktoria DeAnn
Peptide Cosmeceuticals
Peptides are something that your body naturally produces. As your body begins to mature they begin to get lazy. Viktoria DeAnn peptides are man made peptides to apply to your skin to wake them up and make them do their job. These are messengers to your natural peptides.
Pepti-repair: Structured to repair damaged skin
Pepti-tone: Comarable to injectable treatments with target underlying muscle issues
Pepti pro-cool: Promotes the repair, replacement and reconstructer of collagen. 
Pepti-Acne: A blend of synergist amino acid complexes to quiet quorum signaling of bacteria
Pepti- lift: Face lifting serum to restore youthfultension

Importance of Mani & Pedis

Do you think manicures and pedicures are just a way of pampering yourself? Getting manicures and pedicures reguarly actually provide great benifits for your overall health especially in the cold winters. Your nails looking good is just a bonus!

1) The massage during a mani or a pedi isnot only relaxing but it helps to improve the circulation of your blood also. 

2) Regular manis and pedis also improve the health and strength of our nails and reduces our chances of developing a fungi or any other infection. The deep cleaning is definatly needed to helo remove dead cells in order for new ones to produce.

3) Not only does it helo the health of your nails its also a great stress releiver. Sometimes when we begin to stress we start picking and biting at our nails and cuticals whick results dry and cracked cuticles.

4) With winter approching most of our skin will begin to get dry and cracked regular manicures and pedicures will help keep your skin smooth and soft.

Redken Triple Take 32


For that messy wind blown look!
Apply Guts for volume at the regrowth and redkens volumizing gel.
Blow dry with a small round brush letting each section cool around the brush then twisting before releasing.
Mist triple take all over then shake out with your fingers. Reapply triple take for long lasting hold.


Summer Hair Care

During the summer the sun is close to deadly not only on your skin, but your hair too. Here are 5 summer tips to keep in mind while you are heading out to the pool or the beach.

Summer Tip #1:
Go easy on styling products that are high on alcohol content, alcohol in some products will dry out your hair. Make sure that you use a moisturizing shampoo and conditioner. 

Summer Tip #2:
Try to avoid split ends, get your hair trimmed regularly and also minimize using a blow dryer.

Summer Tip #3:
We all know swimming is one of every ones favorite summer activity. If you choose to swim in a pool, theres a few things you can do to keep your hair healthy from the chlorine. You can rinse your hair with cold water before you get in the pool or go swimming, this causes your hair to absorb less chlorine. You want to also wash your hair after you swim to get the chorine out otherwise your blond hair can turn green.

Summer Tip #4:
Make sure you stay hydrated. Staying hydrated on water will not only keep your skin looking great but it will also keep your hair moisturized.

Summer Tip #5:
When your out in the sun, wear a hat or a scarf to protect your hair from UV rays. Also you will ready be putting sunscreen on your body, go ahead and run your fingers through your hair. 


Department Store Products

Do you buy your hair care products at your local department store? They carry products like Redken, Big & Sexy Hair, Paul Mitchell, the list could go on and on. But the question is, are the products on the inside the true products they say on the outside? Many department stores carry these products but chances are these products are not professional. There are ways to tell if these products are fake. Check the logo, instructions and ingredients. Professional and department store products have different logos and ingredients in them. Department store products have ingredients in them that are not healthy for your hair. Look for the bar code, counterfit products have the bar code either scratched off or covered up. Look at the bottom of the product, each product have a batch code on them, if it is missing or scratched then it is a fake product. Distributors care how products appear to the general public, so if its damaged, dirty or part of the logo is missing then its fake. Protect your health, wallet and hair by only purchasing professional products from your salon.
Check out the comparison of these two Paul Mitchell products, they appear to be the same ones.
Look at the logos and the sticker on the front of the department store container.

There is a new bar code on this Redken product from a department store, if it was real the bar code would be printed on 
the container. 

Redken Curvaceous

Redken has revamped their Curvaceous line. Here is their new and improved products.


Winter Hair Care


Winter Hair Care!
                    Winter is a crucial time to make sure you're on top with your hair care  
                  routine. Here are a few quick tips to help keep those locks lucious during the
                  dry, wintery season!

* Condition and Moisturize - Conditioning is a major must during the
dry season! Try throwing in a deep conditioning mask once a week for
extra moisture and shine. Redken offers a diamond oil mask, which deeply
penetrates into the hair shaft for extra needed moisture.

* Heat - Try to avoid using as much heat as possible. Using too much
heat will cause your hair to become brittle and eventually break off.
When using heated appliances, make sure to use a proper heat protectant.
Redken's Iron Shape is a spray on heat shield that will assist in preventing
extra unneccessary damage to your healthy hair, a PERFECT way to treating yourself.

* Avoid going out with wet hair - Make sure not to go out while your hair
is still wet. If you avoid blow drying, due to the fact that it simply just
takes FOREVER, treat yourself to Redken's pillow proof express primer! It
will help with cutting your dry time in half, while also helping to set your style!


Try Something


Try something different, something colorful, something crazy. Hair allows you to personalize your look every day!

Perfecting Concealer

It hides what we don't want, and can also bring out what we do want!
Concealer is product that will make an incredible difference in your look and you'll find it so helpful in your regular makeup routine.
First off, concealer hides blemishes. Dab some on that darn zit and it will disappear once you layer your foundation over it.
It is also the product to use for dark circles under the eye. Using a shade lighter than your foundation will cancel out darkness, purple, or veins, and brighten up that area instead.
The most popular use for concealer now, however, is for highlighting and contouring. You can blend concealer over your foundtion in the areas on your face that you want highlighted or lifted. Usually, that's under the eyes,down the bridge of the nose, the forehead, and chin.
It's important to realize that every face shape is different, so highlighting particular areas may be more or less flattering on different people.

Mirabella has just come out with a perfecing concealer. Pick it up at the salon now!

Liter Duos!

We have a couple more liter duos left until they are sold out and our 15% off sale ends! Come by and claim yours so that you can have a professional quality shampoo and conditioner that lasts for MONTHS! 



There are so many fun ways to put braids through your hair! Braids are in style for fall 2015! It's perfect for the days you just want that hair out of your face!



Brows might be the most important feature on your face. They frame your face, and ultimately determine your entire look. Different row types flatter different face shapes. Mirabella has finally come out with some brow products so that you can acheive the perfect brows! We just got them in so you can come check them out now!

Glow Dry

There is a new product on the market. Diamond Oil has done it again and provided something special. The new Glow Dry Diamond Oil is seriously amazing. Diamond Oils are known for their glistening effects to make your hair shine like a diamond! But this new product has so many awesome features that you don't need much else for your hair! It contains heat-respondive silicone in order to create the perfect blow-out. it protects your hair from the heat, makes your blowdrying time faster, eliminate frizz, and did we mention make your hair shine like crazy? Your blowout is going to GLOW!!
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