Importance of Mani & Pedis

Do you think manicures and pedicures are just a way of pampering yourself? Getting manicures and pedicures reguarly actually provide great benifits for your overall health especially in the cold winters. Your nails looking good is just a bonus!

1) The massage during a mani or a pedi isnot only relaxing but it helps to improve the circulation of your blood also. 

2) Regular manis and pedis also improve the health and strength of our nails and reduces our chances of developing a fungi or any other infection. The deep cleaning is definatly needed to helo remove dead cells in order for new ones to produce.

3) Not only does it helo the health of your nails its also a great stress releiver. Sometimes when we begin to stress we start picking and biting at our nails and cuticals whick results dry and cracked cuticles.

4) With winter approching most of our skin will begin to get dry and cracked regular manicures and pedicures will help keep your skin smooth and soft.
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