Department Store Products

Do you buy your hair care products at your local department store? They carry products like Redken, Big & Sexy Hair, Paul Mitchell, the list could go on and on. But the question is, are the products on the inside the true products they say on the outside? Many department stores carry these products but chances are these products are not professional. There are ways to tell if these products are fake. Check the logo, instructions and ingredients. Professional and department store products have different logos and ingredients in them. Department store products have ingredients in them that are not healthy for your hair. Look for the bar code, counterfit products have the bar code either scratched off or covered up. Look at the bottom of the product, each product have a batch code on them, if it is missing or scratched then it is a fake product. Distributors care how products appear to the general public, so if its damaged, dirty or part of the logo is missing then its fake. Protect your health, wallet and hair by only purchasing professional products from your salon.
Check out the comparison of these two Paul Mitchell products, they appear to be the same ones.
Look at the logos and the sticker on the front of the department store container.

There is a new bar code on this Redken product from a department store, if it was real the bar code would be printed on 
the container. 
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