Winter Hair Care


Winter Hair Care!
                    Winter is a crucial time to make sure you're on top with your hair care  
                  routine. Here are a few quick tips to help keep those locks lucious during the
                  dry, wintery season!

* Condition and Moisturize - Conditioning is a major must during the
dry season! Try throwing in a deep conditioning mask once a week for
extra moisture and shine. Redken offers a diamond oil mask, which deeply
penetrates into the hair shaft for extra needed moisture.

* Heat - Try to avoid using as much heat as possible. Using too much
heat will cause your hair to become brittle and eventually break off.
When using heated appliances, make sure to use a proper heat protectant.
Redken's Iron Shape is a spray on heat shield that will assist in preventing
extra unneccessary damage to your healthy hair, a PERFECT way to treating yourself.

* Avoid going out with wet hair - Make sure not to go out while your hair
is still wet. If you avoid blow drying, due to the fact that it simply just
takes FOREVER, treat yourself to Redken's pillow proof express primer! It
will help with cutting your dry time in half, while also helping to set your style!

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