Perfecting Concealer

It hides what we don't want, and can also bring out what we do want!
Concealer is product that will make an incredible difference in your look and you'll find it so helpful in your regular makeup routine.
First off, concealer hides blemishes. Dab some on that darn zit and it will disappear once you layer your foundation over it.
It is also the product to use for dark circles under the eye. Using a shade lighter than your foundation will cancel out darkness, purple, or veins, and brighten up that area instead.
The most popular use for concealer now, however, is for highlighting and contouring. You can blend concealer over your foundtion in the areas on your face that you want highlighted or lifted. Usually, that's under the eyes,down the bridge of the nose, the forehead, and chin.
It's important to realize that every face shape is different, so highlighting particular areas may be more or less flattering on different people.

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